A Brief Look at First Quarter 2014

Canada First Quarter 2014

Although not all reports have surfaced, some information is available on the IT sector’s performance during first quarter 2014. Following such trends can help job seekers identify current prospects and forecast opportunities. Let’s see what this year’s first few months can tell us about the coming spring.

So far, unemployment rates in Canada have improved 0.3% since January 2014, falling from 7.2% to 6.9% nationwide. This decline comes from the 190,000 jobs created over the past 12 months, 43,000 of which spawned last month alone. Overall, first quarter nearly doubled last year’s results. Take a look at the gains and losses per province in quarter one:

  • British Columbia +15,000
  • Alberta +24,500
  • Saskatchewan +300
  • Manitoba -1,200
  • Ontario +25.500
  • Quebec +2,300
  • Atlantic Canada +900
  • Newfoundland -2,200

On the forefront of these developments, the telecommunications sector continues to transform due to new technologies, competition, and market demands. That said, Monster reported IT/Software Development as the most popular listing thus far. Moving forward, job seekers should brainstorm the various positions within these industries and seek out companies accordingly.

Month-to-month, employment rates in Canada have also progressed. The labour force expanded 0.1% as a whole between February and March; the employment rate climbed 0.2% while the unemployment rate dropped 1.3%. Year-over-year, unemployment has fallen 3.9% across all sectors.

For the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector, the labour force grew 2.7% over the past year, unequalled by any other sector besides Utilities and Forestry/Fishing/Mining. Between February and March 2014, this job market expanded 0.4% as well. Many economists believe Canada’s market will continue along these trends throughout the year.

*Data retrieved from Statistics Canada and Monster

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FlexStaf-IT is a Canadian-based organization that connects qualified I.T. personnel with companies offering short- or long-term contract assignments, permanent placement positions, and fully managed end-to-end I.T. project solutions.
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