Market Watch: Hot IT Jobs in 2015

Market Watch: Hot IT Jobs in 2015

Results from the 2015 ComputerWorld Forecast Survey are in. Of the 194 IT executives questioned, a quarter intends to increase IT staff in the New Year, particularly in areas associated with infrastructure expansion. The chart below summarizes the results, ranking jobs in order of popularity based on the next 12-month period.

Position Title Rank This Year Rank Last Year Respondents (%)
Programming/application development 1 1 48
Project management 2 5 35
Help desk/technical support 3 2 30
Security/compliance governance 4 7 28
Web development 5 n/a 28
Database administration 6 6 26
Business intelligence/analytics 7 8 24
Mobile applications and device management 8 4 24
Networking 9 3 22
Big data 10 11 20

In addition to the predications above, other research firms have weighed in and proposed a selection of different jobs. For instance, Mashable interviewed Scott Dobroski of Glassdoor, who identified the following positions as in-demand for 2015: data scientist, Java developer, UX designer, Android developer, Scrum Master, front-end developer, quality assurance engineer and PHP developer.

The Corporate Executive Board (CEB), too, released a report stating 80% of IT organizations train/educate their employees inadequately and so the majority do not have specific hiring strategies for the New Year. In response to this statistic, CEB highlights six critical roles in 2015 to rectify this disconcerting trend: collaboration and social media evangelist, technology broker, information insight enabler, user experience expert, cloud integration specialist and end-to-end IT service manager.

Upcoming Salary Bumps

Interestingly, the ComputerWorld Forecast Survey shows how only 20% of respondents see talent acquisition as a current priority. Perhaps, this is due to an issue Robert Half Technology discovered earlier this year: 61% of CIOs find IT-hiring difficult due to a lack of skilled candidates on the market. Despite these hurdles, it seems businesses are trying to entice professionals as 2015 promises more salary gains.

US (average bump of 5.7%) Canada (average bump of 3.7%)
Position Increase (%) Position Increase (%)
Mobile app developer 10.2 Data architect 7.2
Big data engineer 9.3 Chief security officer 7.1
Data security 7.4 Senior business systems analyst 4.2
Senior web developer 6.8 Compliance officer 4

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