New Year, New Career: Job-Seeker Resolutions

Job-Seeker Resolutions

Four Goals for IT Professionals in 2015

People tend to focus on health and wellness in the New Year, committing to new diets and exercise regimes. Doing so is commendable, but what about career-oriented goals? January marks the perfect time to accelerate, switch or start a job. For those still on the market from 2014, January also provides a chance to regroup for the winter-spring hiring seasons. To help, maul over the following job-seeker resolutions as you plan the twelve months ahead.

1. Build a Thriving Network

Connecting with others in your industry boosts your visibilityhow easily employers can find you. Networks create opportunities and inform you of important trends and developments. Job seekers cannot afford to search without a professional network, so make this a priority in the New Year. For the truly ambitious, consider offline networking through associations and other groups for like-minded professionals.

2. Discover New Skills

Investigate in-demand roles and their associated skill sets. Moreover, consult employment studies to see which hard and soft skills may heighten your employability. Internal communication (i.e. memos, reports, presentations) and external communication (i.e. email, voicemail, publications), for example, are two areas IT professionals should focus on this year. In terms of technical abilities, many IT professionals find the New Year a viable time to return to school and to explore new career paths.

3. Find Temporary Work or Experience

The perfect career might not come along immediately, so consider settling for a temporary role in the interim. Both contractual and non-contractual gigs (i.e. freelance, volunteer) can refine and add to your current skill sets. These jobs also help you grow your networks and gain relevant experience.

4. Get Organized

Take the first few weeks of 2015 to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the search ahead. This means scheduling tasks and compiling resources. Turn to your agenda and allot time for the aforesaid resolutions, transforming the hunt into a transitory full-time job. It’s important also to stay orderly, tracking your progress and noting those whom you’ve contacted. Doing so allows you to set milestones and alter your strategy along the way. Before approaching the market, though, verify all of your documents are up-to-date, including your resume and CV.

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FlexStaf-IT is a Canadian-based organization that connects qualified I.T. personnel with companies offering short- or long-term contract assignments, permanent placement positions, and fully managed end-to-end I.T. project solutions.
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