Canadian IT Employers Use Contract Work to Circumvent Skill Shortage

Canadian IT Employers Contract Work to Circumvent Skill Shortage

In a recent Hays Canada survey, 67% of IT employers reported moderate-to-extreme skill shortages, a problem tempering many corporate hiring strategies in 2015. Although permanent staffing will likely rise this year—half of respondents intend to expand their workforces—a lack of specialized talent continues to affect businesses of all sizes.

Last year, when faced with a similar situation, numerous hiring managers resorted to posting ads for contractors. A third of respondents claim they may now do so again to find qualified individuals. This begs the questions: why do so many IT pros operate contract-to-contract and not day-to-day?

Top Reasons Why IT Pros Prefer Contract Work

Hays Canada identifies money as a main incentive for contract work. In fact, some contract roles pay double in wages. With that said, contract workers lose job security along with various health and financial benefits that add value to a full-time career. Nevertheless, here are a few boons in turning to contract work:

  • Contract jobs sometimes permit IT pros to telecommute and/or work by their own schedules;
  • Contract employees need not rely on the business’ success to generate income;
  • Contract positions allow IT pros to gain an array of experience within a short period (some sample different industries, while others stick within a niche);
  • Contract jobs can turn into full-time gigs;
  • Contract work expands an IT pro’s networks and introduces him/her to a variety of corporate cultures and conventions (soft skills);
  • Contract workers are less bothered by corporate politics and co-worker relationships;
  • Contract employees can deduct work-related expenses that regular employees cannot.

Let’s hear your opinions. Would you rather work in a permanent position or move between contracts? Can you identify a few more benefits not mentioned above? Speak with FlexStaf-IT today to learn more about open positions in Canada and how to apply.

About FlexStaf-IT

FlexStaf-IT is a Canadian-based organization that connects qualified I.T. personnel with companies offering short- or long-term contract assignments, permanent placement positions, and fully managed end-to-end I.T. project solutions.
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