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Do Employers Socially Screen Job Applicants?

Professionals use social networking to land jobs and advance their careers. When job hunting, a strong personal brand can boost the chances of getting an interview, but those who’ve yet to consider their online image may be in for some surprises. … Continue reading

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How to Write a Letter of Acceptance

Not every job requires a formal letter of acceptance; though, it is a nice formality nonetheless. It gives new employees a chance to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment, while also reaffirming the terms and conditions of the contract. Via email or … Continue reading

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Common Types of Interviews

Screening Interviews Employers often screen candidates over the phone before conducting in-person interviews. This gives recruiters a chance to preview an applicant to determine if he or she fits the job’s full profile. Body language does not count here, so note … Continue reading

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The Bilingual Job Seeker in Canada

IT professionals need to know many programming languages, but how about human languages? The fact that Canada boasts two official languages should indicate the fact job seekers with knowledge of French and English possess an advantage. But did you know they … Continue reading

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Job-Hopping in the Tech Industry: Good or Bad?

Only one decade ago, employers viewed job-hopping negatively. Those carrying a short, hefty employment history looked indecisive, incompatible and undependable. In other words, such candidates were unfit for hiring. Today, however, companies not only forgive job-hopping, but many also appreciate … Continue reading

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Hiring Survey Forecasts a Prosperous Second Half

Dice.com has conducted another IT hiring survey – one involving 700 hiring managers and recruiters – to gauge employer focus moving into 2014’s second half. According to the results, 70% of companies look to hire more IT professionals in the … Continue reading

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Seven Essential Items to Bring to an Interview

Besides bringing your best self – a well-dressed, confident, smiling version – consider adding the following to your interview survival kit: Contact Information and Directions. Most smartphones include some sort of “Maps” applications by default, so make use of it … Continue reading

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